The Avengers

I love event movies and love even more to see them at midnight on opening day. The Avengers is most defiantly an “event” film. You could feel the buzz when entering the cinema. People couldn’t wait to see their favorite superheroes come together and fight themselves and whatever evil comes their way. The only question was whether or not the movie would fill the enormous shoes that we all have provided for it. I hate that we do this to our most anticipated movies but I guess it is just human nature. Ether way, The Avengers had a big task in front of it. They needed to not only save the day but also entertain those that have been waiting years for them to. So when it is all said and done Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man, and some assassins need not worry. The Avengers is not apart of the top shelf of superhero films but in the end it deserves a simple “that’ll do pig”.

The Avengers begins with the god, Loki, seemly ready to take over the world (who isn’t?). He is very dangerous and us puny humans know that we can’t take him on our own; we need some heroes. So after some, ahem, assembling our heroes are ready to fight our battle and what proceeds is a hour and a half of superhero euphoria. The story here is very basic but the details can be a little much. The story is just a little bit too much science fiction. Yea the technology is cool and everything but it is just too advanced to believe at times. What else can be said about the story is that it does a very good job of, ahem, assembling everyone but it doesn’t do a very good job of building the tension. Loki feels like he comes out of nowhere and the movie never really explains where a lot of things are coming from. But that really isn’t the point though; the point is whether or not all these characters look awesome together. Seeing the Avengers fight side by side is by far the best part of the movie. I got chills when everything plays out and our heroes start to bash brains as a team. I may be pessimistic about a lot of things in the film but I won’t be about this. These heroes all look great and are only complemented by the presence of each other. I was most excited about seeing our heroes become partners in (fighting space?) crime and The Avengers does not in any way disappoint.

Hey, I’m in a movie that is actually good!!!

There is a lot of personalities here and miraculously they all seem to gel together. The ensemble is as strong on paper as it is on the screen. Even with all the huge characters and actors, I have to say that Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr. shines the most. He has perfected the role of Tony Stark and his portrayal of Stark is as good as it was in the first two Iron Man films. His charisma lights up the screenwhile also not consuming it. Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are also solid and the more I see Chris Evans as Captain Rogers the more I believe that Marvel/Paramount got the right guy.  Then you have the new guy and even though I love Mark Rufflo, he sort of feels stiff.He is good enough to get the job done but his performance is kind of flat as Bruce Banner. I just wish that the filmmakers could have found someone who could of portrayed the pain in having the burden of being The Hulk better. The real surprise here though is Scarlet Johansson who has out did her portrayal of the Black Widow in Iron Man 2. She is excellent and her character is more developed (believe it or not) and polished here. Clark Gregg is another stand out as Agent Phil Coulson who is one of the more likable “suits” of S.H.E.I.L.D. The rest of the cast was just good enough to keep from being a distraction. Renner doesn’t impress and is underused and Jackson borders on the line of being boring. The biggest disappointment in the ensemble is Hiddleston who’s Loki devolves instead of evolving into something deadlier and more dangerous.

Joss Whedon was a great choice to direct this hodgepodge of a movie. From the very beginning, The Avengers loyalty to its source material is the biggest and most important aspect of the movie. In that respect he succeeds. From the constant inside jokes to an after the credits scene that will have all the geeks talking, Whedon made a movie that should not disappoint any loyal fan. But the problem is that he should of never have written the script alone. The story is just too silly. The script helps to get all these characters together and does a good job of balancing each one but he kind of lets the comic relief run wild. It almost gets to the point where the threat of earth’s survival is undermined. There is really very little drama in the end because the movie almost tries to avoid it. He indulges too much in the excitement of seeing all these heroes together and ignores what gives actions scenes weight. He defiantly did a great job of setting all the pieces in place but he failed to take complete advantage of them. Out of all the Marvel movies this one has the biggest as well as the most emotionally dead climax.

Soooo…….where is Ant Man?

The real winner from the Avengers is Marvel. They have successfully built up a series built on other series while also not producing a dud in the process. The Avengers is far from perfect but I never really expected for things to get this far. I always thought that no film like this would be possible unless it was just randomly thrown together. So for that I commend Marvel. The Avengers was their ultimate goal and they have achieved the task with relative ease. But where do they go from here? I hope they continue to make films for all the Avengers and help to expand the universe some more. I hope they continue to grow and translate even more of their superheroes into heroes of the Cineplex. But what I really hope is that when The Avengers 2 comes around, and it will, that they bring everything back to earth, that our heroes fight the evil on the ground and not from afar. I hope they fight the human in all of us and everything that comes with it.

Oh yea, and cut out some of those one-liners. Please.



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  • Stephanie Grant

    Okay, I’ll go check it out. It better measure up because it’s 2.5 hours! I was really surprised to see you have Dark Knight listed as the best SuperHero movie….hahaha!

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