The Best Music of 2012

beach house

2012 has been a very busy year for me. I graduated college, started my new job, and got engaged to the girl of my dreams. Because of all these new changes in my life I haven’t been able to watch as many movies or listen to as much music this year. This is kinda of a bummer because I always like to listen to as much music as I can for each given year but this year there was really no time. So my annual Best Albums of Year list won’t contain ten albums as it usually does because I only listened to about 20 albums this year but that isn’t to say that these five albums are weaker because of the smaller sample size. The albums that I was able to listen too ended up being very strong and each album on this list would have defiantly been on my Best of 2011 list. So take this list with a grain of salt but know that when I did listen to some of the music that 2012 had to offer I was very pleased with the quality of 2012. So here it is, my Best music of 2012!



5. Coexist by The xx


A quieter affair than The xx’s debut album, Coexist is best listened to when the listener is by their lonesome. Not to say that Coexist doesn’t contain worthy tracks for everyone but it is an album to enjoy when your attention is solely on it. An album that rewards the patient listener and the continuation of one of the best new bands around.


4. Bloom by Beach House


A more subjective album than Beach House’s masterpiece Teen Dream but that might be a good thing. It is a mix bag of great, good, and fair tracks but man when it hits, it hits hard. Wild, Other People, and Myth are among the best tracks of this young decade as Beach House is starting to reach Grizzly Bear status.


3. Shields by Grizzly Bear


Specking of Grizzly Bear, Shields is one of their best albums. A more clear cut album then some of their other works, Shields is a collection of excellent tracks with the usual Grizzly Bear flair. The album moves at a graceful pace and climaxes to the unbelievable Sun in Your Eyes. This is a Grizzly Bear album to cheer for and an album to keep on repeat for years to come.


2. All Hell by Daughn Gibson

all hell

The most surprising album I listened to all year, All Hell works as a stitched together work of art. Taken from various old country songs, Daughn Gibson has made an album that works as a love letter to the past and as its own creative piece of music. This maybe the start of an artist that could be seen as the Tarantino of the music industry as All Hell soars on those lonely highway roads.


1. Trilogy by The Weeknd


Not only was I lazy this year but also I sort of cheated a little bit too on my 1 album of the year. The Weeknd released his “Trilogy” of mix tapes last year and I never got around to listening to them. It wasn’t until this year that I discovered the brilliant House of Balloons, the consistent Thursday, and the dark Echoes of Silence in the form of an official album release entitled Trilogy. These mix tapes should be listened to and judged on their own (more importantly because House of Balloons may be the best Hip Hop album I have ever heard) but listening to all of them at once is a blissful experience. The Weeknd’s beats are rich and his voice sours though each part of the trilogy, this is Hip Hop trying to be more than just a catchy tune. This is a dark and vibrant portrait of a man and everything that he hates and loves about his chosen lifestyle. This is way better than it has any right of being as it is all the things you want to love about the usually shallow and uneventful genre of Rap/Hip-Hop.



Top Ten Songs of 2012


Honorable Mention: Skyfall by Adele

10. If I Ever Get Around to Living by John Mayer

9. Try by The xx


8. Some Nights by Fun.


7. Snow Outside by Dave Matthews Band


6. Irene by Beach House

5. The Knowing by The Weeknd

4. Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967 by John Mayer

3. Tiffany Lou by Daughn Gibson

2. Wild by Beach House


1. Sun in Your Eyes by Grizzly Bear


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