Warm Bodies

warm bodies

Oh how I have loved the revival of the Zombie genre. Zombieland and 28 Days Later started the resurgence of our beloved living dead but it was the show, The Walking Dead, which helped catapult Zombies into the mainstream again. So it is fitting that the genre has earned a parody film of itself with the new release, Warm Bodies. This new film centers on a zombie who starts to feel human again after falling for a very much alive young girl. This film looked funny from the previews and was one of the early year releases that I was actually looking forward too seeing. Warm Bodies defiantly takes advantage of the Zombie craze as it works as both a zombie movie and a romantic comedy. The mix is really a match made in heaven (or hell) but the movie doesn’t take full advantage of what it is. Almost too much of a romantic comedy, Warm Bodies is a film that overlooks what it is supposed to be parodying.

Set in a post apocalyptic world where the undead roam the streets, Warm Bodies is the lest scary Zombie film ever released. Not that it doesn’t try to look the part but the scares are semi ridiculous and the “Bonies” are the scariest not scary creatures I have ever seen. Warm Bodies is more about the comedy and the relationships as it tries to capture a love affair between a Zombie and a Human. This isn’t to say that its rom/com story doesn’t keep the movie above water but it isn’t strong enough to make Warm Bodies a noteworthy addition to the Zombie canon. The rom/com elements are nice as the story progress in a mildly entertaining fashion. The love affair works even if it starts to wear out its welcome towards the end. The real treat is to the watch the Zombies start to interact with each other but that interaction sort of throws away the nuances of the Zombie film for the convince of the plot. Nevertheless Warm Bodies at least is able to keep our attention when the audience realizes what the movie really is.

Warm Bodies is an honorable attempt at a Zombie rom/com yet it doesn’t totally satisfy. The story is witty and the characters create a few humorous and heartwarming moments but all in all the entire movie is too innocent. Where Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead embraced the horror and the gore, Warm Bodies tries its best to shy away from it. This is the biggest flaw in an otherwise enjoyable movie. But the truth is that Warm Bodies was made for the more common viewer, those that enjoy The Walking Dead whose gore is somewhat limited (not by much) by the restrictions of cable TV. Warm Bodies will leave hard core Zombie fans unfazed and will leave those more passive Zombie fans with a movie they can enjoy. Warm Bodies is heavy on the romantics and light on the horror as it plays things safe. This is an enjoyable miss opportunity if there ever was one.



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