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The biggest news to come out since the announcement of three more Star Wars films, It looks like (if this strong rumor can be believed) that Bale, Nolan, and Superman will be brought to screen in either a Justice League film (a bunch of Superheroes) or a World’s Finest film (just Batman and Superman). Now the debate begins between fans who can’t wait for more Bale/Nolan Batman and those that want “The Dark Knight Trilogy” unmolested. Usually a headline like this would make me laugh but it comes with credible sources. Latino Review first broke the story (the same website that breaks almost any big story ala Heath Ledger as the Joker) and that immediately got my attention. So this is no small rumor started by a popular news outlet wanting something to write about, this is a credible rumor. A rumor that builds everyday that we don’t hear from Nolan and Bale. So if this JL or WF film is true then here is my first reaction to the news.


What I like:


The Batman we all know and love is back again!

If there is any good that will come of this film it will be that we get to see Nolan’s Batman again. I fell in love with Bale as Bruce Wayne and I am more than excited to see him play the iconic role again. I am beside myself with fear though that the Justice League or World’s Finest film will just ruin Nolan’s/Bale’s Batman but I do feel like seeing Batman race down the streets in his Batpod again will be well worth the price of admission.


Man of Steel looks like it could fit into the Nolan Batman universe

From the previews it is easy to see that the new Man of Steel movie takes a lot of inspiration from Nolan’s Batman. This is probably because of the success of those films but Man of Steel looks to be making its character more interesting while putting a Nolan/realistic spin on it. I have never been fond of Snyder as a director but he seems to be making all the right moves at this point. Don’t rule out that the Man of Steel will totally bring some new faith to the DC ensemble superhero film. I just hope to God that it will be a World’s Finest movie and not a Justice League film. DC has never been able to put up more than one great cinematic superhero at a time let alone 5.





What I Don’t Like:


The Whole Idea

Superman and Batman sort of don’t belong together. They are at the ends of a spectrum but they can work on screen with the right story and interpretations of the characters. Batman should only work with Superman if there is a certain level of fantastic and Nolan’s Batman never believed in the fantastic. I have a hard time believing that this film can work if it belongs in the Nolan Batman universe but that is where it must go. The last three Batman films have solidified the Batman as the biggest superhero around. Superman is a lost relic and for the film to succeed it must build Superman up on the cape of The Dark Knight. Like I said before it seems like the Man of Steel could, I mean maybe could, belong to Nolan’s superhero world but for that to happen the film must go away from what Superman is or it must make Nolan’s Batman into something that it truly isn’t.


David S. Goyer is writing the script

David S. Goyer has always been a spearhead for the Superhero genre but he has never been the guy you go to to “finish the job”. He is a starting point as he is able to picture a basic story really well. But it is the details that betray him and you only need to see some of his past credits to see that. Blade Trinity is one where he had to opportunity to a take a movie as his own and he failed, miserably. So now DC (hopefully supposedly) is giving him the job to write maybe the biggest superhero film of all time and I just don’t believe he can do it. If WB and DC want to make a film that will take us all by surprise and prove me wrong then they need to hire Jon Nolan to write. Chris Nolan’s brother has helped write two of the Batman pictures and wrote the Man of Steel. The right move is Goyer supplying the story and Jon expanding upon it. I see Goyer taking this project and making it into something that we are groaning about right now. The dude isn’t proven but here is to proving me and millions of others dead wrong.


I think we can take on a retired dude and an alien who hasn't made a good movie in 30 years

I think we can take on a retired dude and an alien who hasn’t made a good movie in 30 years


What I Hate:


Snyder may possible direct Nolan’s Batman

Whenever The Dark Knight was released there was a lot of speculation about how it maybe the last Nolan Batman film. The movie had garnered so much love that Nolan knew that it would be hard to top. This was the definitive Batman story and the greatest Superhero film of all time. I mean it almost got a Best Picture Nomination at the Oscars (which lead to the Oscars expanding the award to 10 pictures). Yes it would be hard to top but Nolan bravely came in to make one more and it was the biggest film of the series (even though it was far from the best). Nolan decided to end The Dark Knight tale instead of letting it go on till it withered out. So it is surprising that not only is he letting his tale go on but that he is putting it in the hands of a director that’s biggest accomplishment was a so-so adaptation of Watchmen. If Nolan really wants to make this JL or WF film with his Batman then he needs to step in and direct the damn thing. No oversight can stop Snyder from giving us a subpar Batman picture and let alone it is doubtful that he can bridge the gap between Nolan’s Batman and the Man of Steel. Nolan has always loved “his” Batman and I find it hard to believe that he would put it in somebody else’s hands willingly.


The Dark Knight Rises ending is totally negated

Yep, after the new JL or WF film comes out you will watch Rises with a little less enthusiasm. This is not the film’s fault because it was made with the intentions of ending the trilogy but at the end of the day Nolan decided to keep the Bat going. I hate this and I believe it is one of the biggest jokes ever. The film was marketed as being the last and we all praised Nolan with how he was able to end his series on a high note, but not anymore. If the rumors are true then we have the continuation of a story that was already finished. Love The Dark Knight Trilogy but there is no way that this new Batman adventure will not lessen the impact of that trilogy over time. From eye level, Nolan is making a terrible creative decision when there is such an easy way to avoid it, start Batman over again. Build a new franchise, do things differently, and let a new filmmaker make his own Batman stories with out infringing on your own. Nolan’s Batman is in the grave and to resurrect it will be to halt the future of the character and tarnished it’s celebrated past (The Dark Knight Trilogy). This new film better be a masterpiece or at least be a very good movie if it is to avoid being the Batman film Nolan never wanted to see made. Because of money, power, or hopefully creative decision-making, this new film will be made for some sort of reason but where I stand I don’t see how it was made without the influence of some “cash money”. If that is the case then I am very disappointed in Nolan. We will see when the movie actually comes out and hear more details.




I always wanted there to more than three Nolan Batman films. I wanted him to keep making them and to expand upon his Gotham but a filmmaker like him gets bored with the “routine”. So I am fine with The Dark Knight Rises because it is the film that needed to happen to end everything and that’s why I don’t want anymore Nolan Batman films. This was the film that had to come last no matter how many films came before it and I was at peace with it but now they decided to continue which is beyond comprehension. I want answers. I want Nolan to say why he chooses to do this and how it is going to be done. No matter the reason though the biggest winners of all of this, if the story is indeed true, is WB and DC. They are continuing one of their best, most consistent, and most valuable franchises around and adding another huge name to the mix. Sadly what is lost in all of this is the hope for a new start for Batman. After playing the game Arkham City, I started to believe in a new Batman. A different Batman who could make his own impact on Gotham and all of us loyal fans. Now that dream maybe all but diminished as WB and DC cheer on the film they always wanted to make. So will it be worth it? I doubt it but stranger things have happened. Here is to hoping that Nolan is still Nolan in all of this.


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