Best Movies of 2012

2012 was a great year for movies, full of Indies, Bios, Sequels, Romance, and of course Blockbusters. Since 2006 Hollywood has been missing something but this year they came back with a vengeance, ah, just in time for me to order on demand. Here are the best movies of the year.  This is not my opinion but fact.

1. Django Unchained: Image
By far the most entertaining, well acted picture of the year. This is everything I want out of a movie and I loved every minute of it. It kept me guessing, I cringed, I laughed, I felt angry, and pumped when Jamie Foxx was killing all those white people. The politics behind it was even better, yes they said the N-word, they were not good people, and slavery was a holocaust.

2. Killing them Softly: Image If you didn’t like it the first go around take the opportunity to watch it again.  Trust me, watch it again but this time really listen to Barack, Hank P, and W in the background and incorporate each speech with how it relates to the particular scene. A good example is when Brad Pitt is hiring Tony Soprano for a hit while W is discussing how American financial markets are complicated giving rise that financing a hit is also very complicated, love it.  BTW, the Aussie (Animal Kingdom) is hilarious and is especially keen during one of the best drug scenes in the history of film.

3. Shame: ImageTechnically filmed in 2011 but wasn’t released until 2012 so I’m including it. This movie was unbelieveable. The minimalist style of directing and music selection was beautiful. Carrie Mulligan is one of many great young actresses of our time and this might be her best performance so far. I can’t say much more but any male with access to the internet when he was 13 can relate to this film.

4. Argo: Argo I guess I’ll put it in here. I loved the film at first it even received a standing O in the theater but then it won best picture and since I’m one of the cool kids I now hate it. In reality it was a great flick and very well directed. I love the opening monologue of the Iranian girl telling the history of the events leading up to the Shah’s rule.  It’s sad that history has chose to leave these events out and most of the audience forgets its impact during the film. Ben Affleck is now 3 for 3 so his legacy rightly will be as a director not an actor and if it wasn’t for robbing Fenway I would put him up there with Steve McQueen, Jeff Nichols, and Nicolas WInding Refn as directors whose projects I cannot wait for next.

5. Tie: films that are a sequel / reboot / whatever


Hoodie 2

  It got a lot of hate but when I was in the theater I could not tell where the story was going and it kept me enthralled. I was scared and confused much like I was when I first saw Alien. The whole time I’m trying to put it all together and up until the end I forgot I was watching an Alien prequel. It was a “true si-fi” let me scoot my glasses up my nose when I say that. A movie that has Stringer Bell in space and Charlize Theron’s runnin round in tights I gotta ask what’s not to love? I do have one question for Ridley, “Where you get your hoodies at?”

Skyfall: “Completed”, Sorry I had to do it. ImageGreat Bond film and everything I have ever wanted Bond to be. Adele killed it, French girl was hot, Bardem was a true Bond villain (not a serial cowboy killer with a silent shotgun who haunts my dreams). I still love the movie even after I heard the “Home Alone” ripoff jokes, I just want to smack those people for putting it into my head.

Bourne Legacy: Better than all the other Bournes, you think different? ImageIts ok, I lie to myself too.

Worst of the year goes to Cloud Atlas:Image

WTF, I saw a 10:00 PM showing fell asleep for at least 30 mins and woke up for the last 40. I went with 2 respectable movie goers and when I asked what happened they couldn’t respond. I really should say 1 respectable movie goer, the other one ordered a movie theater pizza at 11:00 PM and had to wait 30min to get it; then lost 2 coins in the Skittle machine and got the manager to get him some free Skittles or something like that.  He didn’t know what the hell happened either. All in all this movie tried to hard, waaay too hard.  This coming from a “Tree of Life” fan so this attempt completely fell on its face, terrible, terrible movie thats the true true.


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