5 People who Deserve to Host SNL more than Vince Vaughn

If you don’t keep up with the SNL hosting schedule like I do (I hope you don’t, because it’s just further proof that I’m doing nothing with my life), then you probably don’t know that next week’s episode will be hosted by Melissa McCarthy (which I’ll grudgingly accept because she was mildly funny last time she hosted), followed by Vince Vaughn on April 13th. You guys remember Vince Vaughn, that guy that was made some mildly funny movies a decade ago, and then started churning out crap faster than me after I eat Taco Bell. SNL has had a real problem staying relevant in recent years as their writers continue to age and their target audience would prefer to get their comedy in small doses from sites like College Humor and Funny or Die, so why would they choose to act like it’s 2005 again and line up one of the stalest comedic actors this side of Mike Meyers. I’m going to do Lorne Michaels a huge favor here and suggest five options that would make for an awesome episode that will show audiences that they are at least trying to stay fresh.

Aziz Ansari

Why He’d be Great: He’s probably the second hottest stand-up comic right now, behind Louis C.K., and, unlike Louie, Aziz actually makes sense for the sketch show format, because of his experience working on his own sketch show, Human Giant. In Human Giant he proved his willingness to get weird with some sketches (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9q30Ce2vwE), and his smooth stand up delivery would ensure a quality monologue and no crappy cue-card reading errors.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: I’m afraid that they would just use him as an addition to existing sketches instead of letting him actually develop some new, weird characters that would work well. I’m also afraid his comedy style would clash with other male cast members because of similarities. Granted, he would make an awesome addition to the former pornstars/product promoters.

Peter Dinklage

Why He’d be Great: He’s the most recognizable character from one of television’s most recognizable shows. He’s an amazing actor, wildly creative, and proved he can be very funny in Death at a Funeral (more so in the British version than the American). Plus this would allow the writers to do a Game of Thrones sketch that would appeal to the show’s large fan base.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: I’m reeeeaaaaaly afraid that the writers would base a bunch of sketches around the joke “get it, he’s short!” You’d assume this wouldn’t be a real issue in today’s society, but SNL writers have a history of being incredibly lazy when it comes to certain hosts, like putting the masculine action star in a dress, or making a black host do some weird Blaxploitation sketch.

The Workaholics

Why They’d be Great: How better for SNL to show that they want to embrace the changing face of comedy than inviting the 3 most prominent faces in the revolution. It would also give guys like Bill Hader, Bobby Moynihan, and Taren Killam the opportunity to get, for lack of a better word, weird in sketches and provide sketches that either miss entirely, or become instant classics.

Why They Wouldn’t Work: These guys are a force to be reckoned with, and I just don’t see them playing well with others in Lorne Michaels’ closely controlled playground. Although I do believe a Workaholics episode would produce some memorable sketches, it would probably produce a bomb or two along the way.

Kristen Schaal

Why She’d be Great: If you’re going to have a female comedian host, at least make it someone consistently funny, not someone who stars in Mike and Molly. Schaal is one of the greatest supporting comedic actors out there, improving shows like 30 Rock, Bob’s Burgers, Flight of the Concords, and the children’s show Gravity Falls. She could seamlessly fit into any sketch and make it that much better. She’d be like a female Christopher Walken, minus the whole “being really creepy” part.

Why She Wouldn’t Work: I just don’t know if she would draw in enough viewers, since she’s not a huge name. Pretty much anyone that watches tv has seen her, or at least heard her voice, but very few know her by name, which could prove difficult when advertising this episode. It might make sense to pair her with a musical guest that would attract a larger audience, so they could come for the music and stay for the awesome comedic work of Ms. Schaal.

Robert Downey Jr.

Why He’d be Great: This is the suggestion that has the best chance of happening. He’s a great comedic and dramatic actor, he’s a former cast member (granted, from the worst season in SNL history), and he has a blockbuster movie coming out in mid-May. He makes perfect sense for the season finale. He would bring out the best in a lot of the current cast and should make for a memorable episode.

Why He Wouldn’t Work: The only thing I could see going wrong is Downey Jr. being a victim of his own hype. This would obviously be the second most viewed episode of the season, behind the colossal Justin Timberlake episode, so the expectations might end up being too high. The only criticisms I heard about the JT episode revolved around the fact that there was maybe one sketch that didn’t completely land. While this would be amazing for any other host, people expected more from a Timberlake episode, and I think the expectations would be similarly high for Iron Man.


One response to “5 People who Deserve to Host SNL more than Vince Vaughn

  • imveryape

    Completely agree with all of your choices. Dinklage would be versatile, and Ansari would be brave enough to go weird (which usually makes for the most memorable sketches).

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