Weekly T.V. Reviews (April 1 – April 7 2013)

Game of Thrones

Season 3 Episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words

game of thornes dkln

Now this is the Game of Thrones that we were all waiting to see. Gone is the set up episode that did little more than show off all the main characters (minus a few) and where they were at in the story. The second episode is still very episodic (I know the whole show is episodic) but at least this time the story is give amble time to grow. We switch around to many locations and characters but the show slows things down without cutting out the excitement. Still was wanting more Jon but I was glad to see Bran again who is introduced to the Reeds and Arya who meets the Brotherhood Without Banners. We also spend a lot of time at Kings Landing where the characters there aren’t given a lot of time but just enough to make each scene count towards the end game. I also was happy to see the story stay with Jaime and Brienne for much of the episode. Jaime’s growth as a character is key here, as he has to evolve as the next few seasons will have to undoubtedly explore his own internal battle. We get to see Theon again as the series decides to show scenes that were left to the reader’s imagination. We also got a glimpse of one of the most hated people in the series but I won’t ruin that for the causal viewer. Great episode as it builds on what we know and explores the story a little better than the first episode of Season Three. The only grumbles come form the lack of the North (I am really hoping for a heavy Jon Snow episode soon) and some small adaptation choices that I didn’t think were necessary. All in all, Dark Wings, Dark Words, is the Game of Thrones that we all love with a lot of story and small doses of action. Episode 2 of Season 3 has wiped away all my worries from the very A.D.D. episode that came before it.


Episode Notes (Huge Spoilers for those that haven’t read the books)


  • Love how they are introducing Ramsey Snow. He seems so innocent as he promises to let Theon free but I have a feeling the games have just begun.


  • Don’t like how Cat and Robb don’t know if Bran and Rickon are dead. This is a major turning point for Cat and helps in her transition to Lady Stoneheart.


  • Glad to see Roose Bolton getting more screen time. He becomes a major villain in the series and he has to be built up enough to make the Red Wedding work. His character holds in his hands the biggest twist in the series.


  • Without flashbacks it will be interesting to see how Jaime’s own internal struggle will be put on screen. Some of the dialogue does work without having to delve in the mind of the Kingslayer. “We don’t choose who we love.”


  • I don’t know about how the Brothers Without Banners were betrayed. They seem like a bunch of Robin Hoods and I don’t know if this will mix with the magic that is at the heart of the group. Also introducing the Hound this quick seems a little premature but with a story this size you never know.

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