Game of Thrones: The Walk of Punishment

Season 3 Episode 3: The Walk of Punishment


Now this is a good trend. The third season is getting better as it goes along, as this week’s episode is the best one yet. The Walk of Punishment is the first episode of the season that made me remember we are seeing Storm of Swords being adapted to screen. Filled with intrigue, action, and one awesome shocking moment (I’ll get to that later), this is Game of Thrones at it’s best. After taking an episode off we are back with Dany, Selmy, and Jorah as they try to buy themselves an army. The Unsullied were introduced in the first episode but now it looks like Dany has made up her mind to buy them. I think that this season has been fast in her story line, which is a good thing and a bad thing. We don’t get a lot of the sitting around that we had in season two but we lose some of the character development. I think that this season wants to introduce the Unsullied quickly so they can show the dynamics of the group, which I’m sure will pay off as the Unsullied become very important. We also get back to Rob as we are introduced to Riverrun (I literally jumped out of my seat during the opening credits when Riverrun finally popped up on the map) and to Cat Starks brother, Edmure, and her uncle, Blackfish. House Tully has gotten kinda of cut out from the series so far so it is nice to see this House starting to get fleshed out for the first time. Theon is helped to escape his entrapment and provides most of the action of the episode. His horse chase is exciting as the show gives subtly hints at who exactly is helping him. Arya and Dragonstone show up for some quick scenes as the episode tries to build up to future events. Not a lot of story is going on for these characters but it is a nice touch to check in on them occasionally. Then you have Jaime and Brienne who are taken prisoner by Roose Bolton’s men. Jaime’s growth as a character is progressing nicely as he shows compassion for Brienne by saving her from rape by Bolton’s men. This act of kindness has its consequences as the episode ends with him losing his sword hand. This is one of the best endings to a Game of Thrones episode yet as it comes out of nowhere and is as brutal as the source material. A great way to end the episode as the credits feature the song “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” by The Hold Steady. This is the best episode of season three and one of the best Game of Thrones Episodes so far. Storm of Swords has so many shocking moments and Jaime losing his Sword hand is the first of many for this third season. Except for a few adaption changes (I think you will have this every episode), The Walk of Punishment is an excellent adaptation of the story lines in Martin’s third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series.


Episode Notes (Spoilers for those that haven’t read the books)


  • Theon storyline is given a lot of screen time and seems to be stalling the big reveal. I think spending this much time on something that isn’t in the books takes away from a lot of the storylines and isn’t interesting enough to warrant cutting other characters out.


  • Again very little Jon Snow as his scenes seem to move at a very fast pace. We aren’t given enough time to see the Wildlings and how they interact which I think is a shame. We need more Jon Snow and the Wildlings to make the “Battle of the Wall” resonate.


  • Finally Riverrun! So glad the story stopped ignoring House Tully as we finally get to see a little bit of the Tully family dynamics.


  • Feel like Roose Bolton will get a lot more scene time in the next few episodes. If the “Red Wedding” is done right, then we will have to see more of Roose and House Bolton.


  • Please, just reveal that Ramsey Snow is saving Theon and get on with it. I’m tired of spending time on a hoax instead of building up one of the most evil and pivotal characters in the series.



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